The Netflix Files: December 1, 2011

This past Tuesday, comedian Patrice O’Neal died at age 41 following complications from a stroke suffered in October. O’Neal, well-known in the stand-up community, received what was likely his highest exposure only a month earlier when he participated in Comedy Central’s Roast of Charlie Sheen. The overweight funnyman arguably stole the show, taking earnest-toned shots at fellow roasters Mike Tyson and Steve-O. After a night of being consistently made fun of for his age, career and purported senility, an astonished William Shatner proclaimed that O’Neal, of all the comedians present, was “telling it like it is.”

Even during the roast, O’Neal made references to his impending death. As the crowd reacted to his unflinchingly honest insults, he responded, “How the @#$% can I be too mean after this shit? I can’t believe it. I’m dying of diabetes and you mother@#$%ers are like, ‘Oh, that evil fat @#$%.”

O’Neal made very few appearances as an actor, but his guest spots on television were always memorable. He appeared in the second episode of “Arrested Development” as T-Bone, George Sr.’s prison buddy who briefly works at the banana stand (and unabashedly burns down the family storage unit). He also recurred on “The Office” as Lonny, the warehouse employee deemed “Sea Monster” by Kelly Kapoor. Continue Reading

(Still) Crazy for Krasinski

Celebrities – they’re just like us.  They buy overpriced coffee, walk their dogs, and shop at Target.  Much like your professors, they really dislike getting asked the same questions over and over, even if they’re too nice to say so.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, the latest celebrity to grace our campus with his presence is Jim Halpert himself, John Krasinski ’01.  He’ll be speaking in Salomon tonight at 7.  Krasinski has come to talk at Brown before, although usually to the smaller audiences of TAPS Department classes.  This time, the floor is open to anyone who lined up early enough to get a ticket (guilty as charged…) and isn’t too scared to step up to the microphone.

We can’t have an hour of people asking, “Question: what kind of bear is best?” or “How’d you get the stapler in the Jell-O?”  We don’t want John Krasinski to secretly hate us because the entire balcony of Salomon wouldn’t stop chanting until he made the “Jim face.” Here are some questions we think would be more interesting to ask of our beloved alum: Continue Reading

Crazy for Krasinski

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last eight hours and haven’t yet seen the latest event to blow up your Facebook newsfeed, John Krasinski ’01 is leaving Dunder-Mifflin behind and making an appearance in the 401 next week. Brown Lecture Board will be hosting a Q&A with the former Theater Arts major, which, we can only hope, will involve numerous Brown specific inquiries like: “what’s the weirdest thing you saw at SPG?” and what are your thoughts on “K Berg’s fashionable up-do?” .

The triumphant return of our dear Jim will be taking place next Wednesday in Salomon 101, with tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis next Monday and Tuesday in the J. Walter Wilson lobby.

Tickets go on sale at 12 pm, so get ’em while they’re hot!