The Rib re-launches, and it’s funnier than ever

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Women (yeah, you heard me, women) can be hilarious, too. Since people like the executives at CBS fail to acknowledge it, some ladies have taken matters into their own hands. Enter Brown’s female-penned comedy blog The Rib.

In the spirit of comedy-writing heavyweights like Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling, the site’s writers and editors — including brilliant BlogDH staff writers Sydney Mondry ’15, Hannah Pasternak ’17, and Caitlin Dorman ’16— are covering everything from misfortunate hook-ups to yogurt. Founded by a couple of jet-setting gals back in 2011, The Rib set out to give the world a dose of funny with a feminine twist. Named as a jab at the “rib” God supposedly borrowed from Adam to make Eve, The Rib is bringing female comedy back into the conversation with its re-launch. With a great mix of writers spanning class years and comedic styles, The Rib is offering a fresh take on some of the most important topics and it’s hilarious. But, hey, why listen to me? I’m only a woman.

If you’re interested in writing for (or just talking about how much you love) The Rib, email

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Guest Post: SWUG LYFE

This is a slightly modified version of a post that originally appeared on Brown’s only female comedy website, The RIB.  To view more of its fantastically hilarious content, please check out its website


An article published by NY magazine recently reported a surge in a self-proclaimed SWUG (“senior washed up girl”) culture at our fellow (although obviously inferior in both style and worldly intellect) Ivy in New Haven. After reading through some poorly composed comments, undoubtedly written by men, I stumbled upon this fact: the popularized term, SWUG was coined by none other than a Brown female around 2005. On pondering this fact, I have realized that the probable reasoning behind this is not only that Brown women are the most creative of all, but also have unfortunately shared this cursed identity in full force for too long. What defines the original SWUG–the Brown SWUG? Don’t worry: I will use my personal experience to fill you in.

You start off senior year with these grand ideas—I’m going to go out every night, spend every sunny day on the Main Green, never miss a Wednesday night Whiskey, cook fancy dinners with extravagant drinks from Ina Garten’s recipe collection, and, most importantly, pursue every attractive underclassman that I want…because face it, I’m a senior and the shit. Not to say I haven’t enjoyed myself thus far, but I certainly fell short of my initial goals; I’m sure many of my classmates would agree that they feel the same way. Thus, we have fallen into the SWUG lyfe. Continue Reading

Ra Ra Brunonia: The Libraries

With hockey season midterms fast approaching, it is paramount to understand the historical significance of the concrete behemoths in which you will sit…for hours on end. Now, we all know the classic division and respective stereotypes that go along with where one studies, but why is this the case? Is the SciLi actually part of a CS15 project gone wrong? Do hipsters actually live in the basement of the Rock? Why can’t I ever get any work done in the Friedman Study Center? Is the Rock actually a nightclub? Why is the sky blue? All of these questions will be answered in this week’s edition of Ra Ra Brunonia: The Libraries.

Continue Reading

Librarians After Dark…?

Spotted at the Rock: an ambiguous poster that boasts a neon, retro header (reminiscent of those you made on for your sixth grade book report) and implies that something cosmic and totally out of this world will be going down at the Rock tonight (…and already happened last night). Our guess? “Librarians After Dark” is most likely the name of the exclusive pre-opening party for Brown’s newest nightclub, “The Rock,” brought to you by The RIB. Follow the poster’s advice and “Workshop Your Research,” whatever that may mean. Rockin’ Tuesdays are the new Whisko Wednesdays.

Blog on Pubs: The RIB

Heard of The RIB? If you haven’t heard of it before, you have now — and you’ll no doubt hear more about these girls in the future as they make waves in the world of comedy. Started earlier this year, The RIB was created by a handful of girls who decided one spring morning that Brown needed a female comedy group. Their blog, which launched this summer “after the girls had synchronized all of their cycles and participated in exactly 17 semi-nude pillow fights,” is regularly updated with diverse content ranging from humorous musings on men and periods to anguished pleas for men to “nut up” and talk to their crushes. You don’t have to be a GNSS concentrator or an avid Sexction reader to get lost in this wondrous world of female comedy (perfect study break for finals?).

BlogDailyHerald tracked down three writers for The RIB, Samantha Williams ’12, Emily Spinner ’14 and Maria Luisa Acabado ’13, in order to learn more about the pub and the women behind it. Continue Reading