A Misanthrope’s Guide to the Movies: “Ender’s Game”


The book Ender’s Game inspired my life. I’m not a sci-fi freak, but anyone who has read Orson Scott Card’s masterpiece understands that it is much more than a fantasy novel. In 7th grade, I wrote an essay about how I was going to become an astronaut and train in a zero gravity “battle room” just like Ender did—and that’s still kind of my life dream. I was hoping to live my fantasy on the big screen, but the movie, based on the book and released a couple weeks ago, was more laughable than inspirational.

For those who have neither read the book nor seen the movie, here’s a quick synopsis: Earth was attacked by aliens and we fought them off the first time, but we need to attack them again before they wipe us out. Brilliant children are recruited to become space army commanders, and Ender Wiggin is the military’s last hope. He goes to battle school in space and trains to fight the aliens. It’s kind of a mix between The Hunger Games and Star Wars. I admit this sounds a little ridiculous, but trust me, it’s powerful stuff. Continue Reading