Reflections on Benefit Street: The themed wedding dilemma

Themed weddings. A good idea? A bad idea? Or a really, really ohsweetbabyjesus-what-were-Mom-and-Dad-thinking bad idea? I’m not talking about your standard beach or country wedding here. I’m talking about your Lord of The Rings-, Star Wars-, Avatar-, “Hello Kitty”-, Renaissance-, and Harry Potter-themed ceremonies. Because really, what could be more romantic than dressing weird Uncle Steve up as Chewbacca and listening to him toast to the new couple in perfect wookie shyriiwook?

If you walked down Benefit Street last Saturday around 12 p.m., chances are that you probably saw quite the spectacle at the First Unitarian Church. Three WWII soldiers, one Viking, a spattering of colonial women, a knight, and what seemed to be a very short Dementor were just some of the cast members assembled outside the church. At first glance, it looked like an eight-year-old’s birthday party—albeit a weird eight-year-old with a really offbeat sense of humor. But there were no children present (other than one small boy dressed up as a chimney sweep). In the center of the action were a man and a woman dressed in medieval garb. They kissed, the crowd cheered, and it all suddenly made sense—this ragtag group was a wedding party.

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