12 Days of Spring Weekend: The S.T.W.’s

We are a small but not insignificant subset of the Brown community, but if you start to talk to us about Spring Weekend, our stomachs slowly churn. It has nothing to do with any disappointment in the lineup, or indecision about which tanks to buy and which to ignore (you need a different one for every day, people, it’s like a Halloween costume). No, on the contrary: we would be desperate to plunge into Spring Weekend to the fullest extent. But the higher powers seem to have willed it a different way for us. We are Senior Thesis Writers.


We are S.T.W.’s; hear our voices.

You see, for a great many of us S.T.W.’s, novella-length stacks of parchment, coil-bound and sheathed in plastic, products of our own intrepid research, are to be distributed to the requisite series of departments and advisors on or around April 15th. And an almost-as-great many of us S.T.W.’s will be scrambling, as ever, to slap conclusions and bibliographies on our documents up until the very last minute, even without the debauched distractions of Spring Weekend.

So how can we quash the big T of S.T.W. and roll into SW ’14? Here are some of my ideas. (You will excuse me if my list is somewhat incomplete, like my thesis.)

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A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: After \ Devouring: An Evening of Dance by Sarah Friedland ’14 and Nadia Hannan ’14


Looking for a cool thing you shouldn’t miss?  Check out the premiere of two new dance pieces, “After the Multiplex” and “The Process of Devouring,” choreographed by Sarah Friedland and Nadia Hannan respectively.  The performances are presented as a component of Sarah’s Modern Culture and Media honors thesis and a continuation of Nadia’s Performance Studies capstone.  Attention new sophomore concentrators in MCM and Performance Studies: if Heavy Petting failed to calm your post-declaration anxiety, this might be just the event to reassure your sorting-hat-determined decision.

The choreographers were kind enough to share with BlogDH some information about their respective works after the jump.

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Duke grad’s sex life goes viral, but in a good way

Seniors, think you’re hard at work on your thesis proposal? You’ve just been one-upped: inspired by a senior-year sext, one Duke grad analyzed a year of hook-ups and turned it into a mock thesis presentation. She forwarded it to a few friends–and luckily for us, the whole thing ended up on Jezebel. Her “evaluation criteria” below are only the tip of a hilarious iceberg:

Image courtesy of Jezebel

While we’re confused about why you didn’t cite Foucault (isn’t that mandatory in senior theses?), highest honors in hooking up go to you, anonymous Duke grad. We’re already working on declaring our independent concentration in “horizontal academics.”