When You Were Young: School of Rock

Universally, it is accepted that everybody loves 3 things: bubble wrap, birthday clowns, and nostalgia. This column aims to play upon the sentimentality inherent in every reader by paying homage to a key “retro” pop culture item.

This Week’s Throwback: School of Rock


Some movies are good for a single reason: the script is well written or it has sweet special effects or it stars Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, etc. Other movies are like School of Rock (directed by Richard Linklater, the genius behind Boyhood) and are great not for a single reason, but for a multitude.

The greatness of this movie begins, but does not end, with the following premise: a down on his luck enthusiastic, sweaty, hairy, talented and charismatic guitar player Dewey Finn, after being kicked out of his band, is living with his substitute teacher-friend, Ned Schneee Ned S. and Ned’s girlfriend, played by Sarah Silverman. His band members replace him with a guy who wears this shirt.  Also, that guy’s name is Spider.

One day, Dewey, referred to from here on out as Jack Black, receives a call from a local school asking if Ned will substitute for a teacher who has broken a leg.  Sensing a decently-compensated opportunity, Jack Black accepts the job. Continue Reading

BlogDH Panel: #tbt Halloween

The first day of Hannukah and Thanksgiving aren’t the only holidays that collide this year: today isn’t just Halloween, it’s also fucking Thursday.  Yes, its a #tbt Halloween.  To commemorate this epic occurrence, which won’t happen again until 2019, BlogDH shares with you their favorite #tbt Halloween get-ups. -Katie Bright

Ana: I was Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame like three years in a row. Whatever.

Ana Colon: I was Esmeralda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame like three years in a row. Whatever.


Katie Bright: Taking a break from trick-or-treating to read? That, or my mom staged the photo.  I also would totally wear this tonight. Continue Reading

Introducing Throwback Thursday (#tbt)

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 5.54.44 AM

Given that we’re addicted to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine accounts (…more on Vine later), it was only a matter of time until we hopped on the Throwback Thursday train.

Every Thursday, we’ll open up the BlogDailyHerald vault, find a relevant (but timeless) article from our archives, and share it on Facebook and Twitter for your reading pleasure with the tag #tbt. There are so many posts and creative assets are to be shared with you all, Gail triptychs included. We hope you enjoy the weekly trips down memory lane!