Alums who do cool things: Clipford “Clippy” Robinson ’94, Microsoft Office Assistant


Remember that paper clip that always popped up in Microsoft Word? Well, he has a name–Clipford (Clippy) Robinson–and is a Brown alum–Class of ’94. Though Clippy is not boastful about his college degree, a look at his resume (which one could access on Word as a template for one’s own) proves that he did, in fact attend Brown from 1990-1994:


Clippy agreed to sit down with Blog to discuss his time here at Brown, as well as his life since graduation.

BlogDH: How did you know that Brown was the school for you?

Clippy: I know a lot of people come to Brown to explore different options and take advantage of the open curriculum, but I always had a clear vision of what I wanted to do. Harvard and Penn have programs that primarily focus on hole punching and stapling, but I wanted to hold paper together without puncturing it, and Brown had a variety of opportunities for that. I held papers together all over campus. I also knew that I had a passion for technology, and the computer science program at Brown was–and is–second to none. When I told the alumni interviewer from Tufts that I wanted to work as a digital assistant inside of people’s computers, he laughed at me. But at Brown everyone was really supportive of my dreams.

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Ra Ra Brunonia Throwback: That time Hunter S. Thompson got plastered in Sayles


On November 21st, 1987, Hunter S. Thompson, the journalist and famed author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Rum Diaries, and many more, came to Brown to participate in an academic debate with G. Gordon Liddy, moderated by none other than the legendary Dean Barrett Hazeltine. Liddy, a lawyer who, among other things, directed and organized the burglary of the Democratic National Committee in 1972—a scandal that would infamously come to be known simply as “Watergate”—stood in stark contrast to the staunch liberal and psychedelically inspired writer.

The event was made possible, in part, by a student named Dan McCormack ’90, who met Thompson in his Colorado home that summer and suggested the idea. After some consideration and administrative scheduling, dates and times were set, flights were booked, and tickets were sold all leading up to a highly anticipated campus event. However, on the day of, those times were pushed back, the flights were missed and not tickets, but rather drugs—lots of drugs—were sold to and consequently consumed by the esteemed author. The Brown Daily Herald reported on the event in all of its glory, and to its credit, documented everything it could have possibly known. Looking back some 28 years later, details of the Thompson-Liddy debate were overlooked, missed and risk being forever forgotten and unheard. Thanks to an unnamed source—call him our “Deep Throat“—the full story can now be unveiled.

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When We Were Young: AOL Instant Messenger

Remember that sound? It was the signal that you were oh so close to chatting with your friends before text messages and Snapchats existed. Topics of conversation included *NSYNC, Avril Lavigne, and Neopets. Once in the fifth grade, I coordinated a phone call with (mostly) everyone in my class made up of strings of three-way phone calls while also chatting on AIM. This was long before GroupMe was even a thing. I know, I was ahead of my time.

Before clerical Gmail addresses existed, AIM usernames were a way to mark your pre-teen personality and talk to your friends and SmarterChild.

BlogDH is embarrassing ourselves throwing it back by sharing our AIM usernames with you all.

It’s All About the Digits

Carolyn Rachofsky – razzles29495

Carolyn, along with Jenna Rink from 13 Going on 30, is a fan of Razzles, the candy that turns into gum and colors your tongue. Carolyn’s determination hasn’t wavered since she was young, and she made sure she chose a five-digit number harder than an ATM PIN code  in order to make her username available.

Danielle Perelman – dramaqueen52095

Unlike Carolyn’s numerical AIM username, Danielle may never be able to forget hers because she was smart enough to use her full birthday. Be sure to wish her a theatrical “Happy Birthday” on May 20th!

Georgia Tollin – duckyt29

Nickname + Initial + Random Number = AIM Gold. Georgia hates odd numbers, so the reasoning behind 29 remains a mystery.

Hank Winton – rocknrolla14

Young Hank quickly found out that he had a community of fellow rock and roll fans behind him when he had to type the numbers 1-13 before the “14” made his username available.

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Nostalgia Trip: 10 songs we should still play at parties

As a culture, we are obsessed with throwbacks. From #tbt to the influx of 18-30 year olds wearing Buddy Holly glasses, we can’t get enough of the past. Why then, I ask, have we forgotten about the most influential era of music—the early naughts? I propose a revolution. No longer shall we dance to Miley and Avicii in frat basements. Here are ten forgotten but incredible party songs that we should be jamming out to at parties (and alone in our rooms) instead.

1. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’)

Although everyone’s favorite semi-obese R&B/rap/pop/garbage artist is now less than relevant, there was a time when T-Pain ruled the world. This song brings me back to the days of bar and bat mitzvahs—and has the secret power of making even the nerdiest Jewish boys pop and lock it on the dancefloor. And T-Pain autotuned before it was cool. So thanks, T. For everything. Continue Reading