A Thousand Words: Fall Concert

We know most of you didn’t go (or can’t recall anything from Saturday night), so you should check out some photos from this year’s Fall Concert featuring Area 6, Tokimonsta, and Titus Andronicus.

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BCA details Fall Concert ticket information

3 easy steps to rage with these guys.

The Brown Concert Agency has made a few changes to the ticketing process for the Fall Concert as a “test run” to avoid the potential website crash that has accompanied the purchase of Spring Weekend tickets in the past. Tickets for the September 15th show will be going on sale this Friday (tomorrow) for $12.

Here’s the new system:

1. Make sure you’re logged into your Brown email. Then click on a Google Form link. Enter your name and email address into the form.

2.  You’ll then get an email with a “secret code” (!).

3. Go to BSA Marketplace and buy the Fall Concert ticket.

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Titus Andronicus, TOKiMONSTA for Fall Concert 2012

After much fanfare (A poll! A new blog!), BCA released the lineup for the 2012 Fall Concert, which will (weather permitting) take place on the newly-minted Simmons Quadrangle. Get ready for a deluge of Shakespeare puns- Titus Andronicus will be headlining the show on September 15th (Ed.- Beware of the ides of September!). TOKiMONSTA will open.  Although Titus Andronicus finished 3rd in our poll behind Neon Indian and Black Lips, those two bands declined and were unavailable for that date respectively.  A slight bummer, maybe, but the lineup is still impressive.

Titus Andronicus is a New Jersey-based band that BCA calls, “catharsis given musical form.” Spotify swears they take some influence from Springsteen, but I think that might be just another case of the silly assumption that all bands from the Garden State must worship the Boss. Not that they shouldn’t, of course. That and a Michael Vorenberg-approved War Between the States-themed 2010 album Monitor  (at least there is one reference to “John Brown’s body” on the track “A More Perfect Union”) seem to bode pretty well for the concert.  Additionally, their song “Titus Andronicus” got some other members of BlogDH’s staff through a particularly angsty period in high school… Continue Reading