Blog Odds: Where will they put all the snow?


If you left campus for the long weekend, consider never returning. The preposterous pyramid-spawning winter of 2015 has reached historic proportions. Though the weekend blizzard is over, the snow has really started to accumulate. Angell Street’s sidewalk is wide enough for 75% of a human. You can barely see the Ratty from Wayland Arch. The Henry Moore statue will be swallowed by snow drifts any day now. You can climb halfway up a tree on the Main Green by hiking up a snow bank. The poor Circle Dancers might drown!

The herculean efforts of Brown’s and Providence’s workers have helped keep pathways fairly clear — a big thank you is in order to them — but eventually we’re going to have to haul away a lot of this snow. And, since we don’t have this contraption or massive snow farms to haul away winter’s remnants, BlogDH is taking bets on how the University is going to deal with it all:

Dump it in the Bay – 6:1
A simple solution that Boston is considering, but it turns out this is pretty dangerous. Dumping could expose the oceans to rock salt and other toxic materials.

Fill the space-formerly-known-as-the-Gate – 3:2 
No word yet on how this old eatery is being used outside of package overload season. An indoor igloo/ice skating complex would be a major upgrade.

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