Soul Food Night at the Ratty is tonight



Another year brings the return of Soul Food night to the Ratty. Organized by the Black Heritage Series and Third World Center, its goal is to”celebrate African-American culture through food.” Essentially, it is an edible version of Soul Train, and it’s available to you for one meal credit.

For those of you who were with us on meal plan last year, you may recall a night in spring semester when the Ratty was filled with fantastic fried chicken and mashed potatoes galore. To everybody else, we think that the promise of fried chicken speaks for itself. Rest assured that the Ratty is going to be packed tonight. The food is served from 4:30 – 7:30, but we suggest getting there early to avoid the 6:30 rush. The decision to go is a simple one: Do you like soul? Do you like food? Of course you do.

Did we mention that the food is really, really good? See you tonight for the first special Ratty dinner of the year!

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Brown celebrates Thanksgiving

Curious about what you missed during your holiday away from Brown? The ProJo can help, with a run-down of Thanksgiving festivities at Brown.

While you were chowing down, fighting with your family, or drinking heavily to forget it all, many students who did not go home for the break were partying it up with turkey and Jay-Z (music, not the man) provided by the TWC.

Although we question their selection of Boston Market as the caterer, we applaud the TWC for exposing international students to a Thanksgiving dinner. Because the V-Dub totally doesn’t do that every three weeks….