Duncan Sheik is coming to see Spring Awakening

Duncan Sheik ’92 is famous for, among other things, writing the music for the Tony-Award-winning musical Spring Awakening, which opened last night at Brown. Amelia Scaramucci ’17, who stars in the production as Wendla Bergmann, tweeted at Sheik that his alma mater is putting on the show.

Which caused him to start following her on Twitter… 11026363_10152647968372478_2040241754_n  

According to Scaramucci, this eventually led to an email from his manager notifying her that he would be coming on Saturday night, after which he will be leading a talk back about the show. Oh, the power of Twitter.

[Update: apparently Sheik is as excited to see us as we are to see him]


Images via Amelia Scaramucci ’17. 

An interview with @GuyInYourMFA

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 11.10.46 AM

Since discovering the twitter @GuyInYourMFA, we over here at BlogDH have not been able to stop reading his all-too-familiar tweets. Those of you who aren’t up on your novel Twitter account game may be wondering who the heck this guy even is. But his 10.4K followers (the last time we checked), who include heavy hitters Michael Agger, Susan Orlean, and Mara Wilson, have come to know him as the pretentious, literary douchebag we all love to hate. So, naturally, when we found out he went to Brown, we began our quest to get a hold of him. After searching long and hard, we finally found this infamous guy in your MFA and asked him a few questions to help us better understand his complex mind.

BlogDH: Are you working on anything right now? 

@GuyInYourMFA: I’m working on a 400-thousand word manifesto on all the ways my parents failed me by not raising me in a creative environment.

BlogDH: What do you think is the hardest part of being a straight, white male in America? 

@GuyInYourMFA: Don’t get me started. It’s pretty hard to find a voice nowadays. I think that consumerism has really corrupted what it means to be an American. Back in the forties when we went to war, the draft really shaped a generation. Now, we’ve been lost. iPhones, computers…what is our generation, even? These are the types of questions we should be asking. That’s what I seek to do with my writing.

BlogDH: What exactly do you think it is that our generation is missing? 

@GuyInYourMFA: Typewriters, mostly. Nothing ruins writing more than doing it on a computer. That’s why I type all my tweets on a typewriter and send them off to a friend to upload to the internet. I don’t really understand the internet, I think it’s a distraction from real literature.

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Which social media site should you drop?

It seems like there is a new social media craze every month, and with so many options, it has gotten impossible to keep up. Unless you have a team of publicists, there is no way you can maintain an active presence on all the various social media platforms and still write that daunting midterm paper. And no, linking your Instagram to your Facebook and Twitter will never be enough.

Friends, it’s time for some spring late winter cleaning. But which site isn’t right for you? The following somewhat Mean Girls-themed forecast — complete with percentages! — will help:


Twitter: Unless you are a Real Housewife, Lady Gaga circa 2010, or 257 Thayer,  you don’t need to be on Twitter.

80% chance of dropping, 20% chance your favorite comedian just has suuuuuch clever thoughts throughout the day that you can’t bare the idea of not reading them while you’re on the toilet.




Instagram: “I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me, but I can’t help it that I’m popular.” – Instagram

Insta may be the easiest social media app to make fun of, but it doesn’t matter. It’s fun, it’s a low time commitment, it’s colorful, and it makes you feel artistic. It’s one of the few social media outlets that allow you to express your creativity. Yes, in reality, Insta provides less in the way of art and more in the way of “someone you went to high school with is about to eat a fancy sandwich at a popular lunch spot in San Francisco.” But it’s the thought that counts, and with Facebook already on the decline, what else are you supposed to do with all your photos? Printing them out and framing them so that your memories will be preserved for years to come isn’t going to give your friends FOMO.

15% chance of dropping, 85% chance that you can’t because “think of the spring weekend pics!”



Snapchat: This isn’t a question. Snapchat is a college essential.

100% chance of not dropping, 100% chance that if you don’t already have one you need to get one.


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Deconstructing 257 Thayer’s Twitter account


You know that construction project on Thayer with the fences and the bulldozers and the loud construction noises? You’re capable of reading the signs that cover its chain-link fences, so you’re sort of aware that this current hole in the ground will become “sophisticated and sustainable” off-campus student apartments at 257 Thayer Street. Yet with the recent public artwork (read: mustaches) that’s graced its promotional materials and the general lack of communication the project has with students more generally, your curiosity abounds. What’s the force behind this new building? What will these apartments look like? Who will live there? What’s its guiding ideology? To answer some of your most burning questions, and to prove that it’s ready to become a member of the College Hill community, the apartment complex has developed a Twitter account—@257Thayer—to engage with curious students in the digital space. We deconstruct its Twitter activity below:

It’s ever true to Brown. While the construction project itself seems to take place with little indication of its location being smack in the middle of College Hill, 257 Thayer really wants you know that it’s up to date with all relevant happenings—from retweeting Brown Bookstore’s tweets on author visits and readings and ProJo articles that feature notable Brown professors to asking its whopping 14 followers if they plan on going to Brown Unheard Open Mic Night in “The Underground,” it’s definitely trying to prove that its not a regular apartment complex; it’s a cool (and informed!) apartment complex.

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Art School(ed): President John Maeda to leave RISD

maeda at risd

Today, President John Maeda announced that he will be leaving RISD at the end of this semester (read: in two weeks). Maeda will conclude his six-year term, and move on to be the first Design Partner at the Silicon Valley firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in January 2014. He will also chair the eBay Design Advisory Board. When RISD students return to the steeper sections of College Hill on January 6th, 2014 for Wintersession, John Maeda will have departed… so get your selfies in with Maeda now, before it’s too late! Here is the video Maeda e-mailed to the RISD community this afternoon, along with his official announcement:

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Students who do cool things: Clara Beyer ’14 (a.k.a @FeministTSwift)

(BlogDH) Cover Photo

“I’m sick and tired of… what?”

Clara Beyer ’14 is in her uncle’s New York apartment, thinking about Taylor Swift’s “Tell Me Why.” She’s lying on the couch, brainstorming her next tweet. There’s no process to it: sometimes, the idea comes first and then the lyrics, and sometimes, she starts with the song. “I’ve got no one to believe in … role models!” She finishes her message, rereads it, and hits “Post” to publish it for her over 100,000 followers.

Welcome to the life of the author of FeministTaylorSwift, the latest Twitter sensation. If the name Clara seems familiar, that’s because it’s not the first time the rising senior has gone viral. She’s part of the team behind Cosmarxpolitan, Tumblr’s go-to source for 50 steamy ways to throw a revolution. (Seriously, though, you should check it out). Fellow Cosmarxist Kevin Carty ‘15 encouraged Clara to pursue her single-purpose Twitter idea, and helped her compose the first couple of 140-character bites of heartbreak, young love, and gender role deconstruction.

Since starting the parody account on June 13, FeministTaylorSwift has blown up on the Internet and has been featured on BuzzFeed, Washington Post, HuffPo, and TMZ (not to name names or anything). BlogDH had the chance to sit down with Clara over Blue State iced coffee to talk about her process, Taylor Swift’s brand of feminism, and how it feels to go viral overnight.

BlogDailyHerald: So this idea came to you like a random burst of inspiration, or had you been thinking about something like this?
Clara Beyer: I was walking home from work, and I was listening to Taylor Swift. I have this idea, “idea for single-purpose Twitter: Feminist Taylor Swift.” And I tweeted it, and I thought that was it, I’ll never think about it again. And then I get home, and I get a phone call from my friend Kevin Carty ’15, and he’s like, “Clara, you need to do this.” And so he and I talked about it for 10 minutes, and brainstormed, and it happened.

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