‘Vine’ at Brown: Details on the campus craze

Vine, a social media app launched by Twitter last January, is causing quite the stir on campus. The premise is simple. Your homepage is a feed of your friends’ looping six-second videos. To make your own, you just touch your finger to the screen in the video interface to record.

Some users take its often-used descriptor to heart and treat the app as an “Instagram for videos.” Brown students don’t fall into this category. From documenting pranks at the Blue Room to crafting elaborate scenes amongst friends, they have taken the craft of Vining to awe-inspiring and laugh-inducing levels. Every day the creative community of Brown Viners grows larger and stronger–so we thought we’d hop abroad the Vine train.

We recently dispatched two of our most available capable “journalists”  to get the scoop on the growing trend–and document their results on Vine. Their educational Vines are posted below, among which are student takes on the app and depictions of Brown’s most-common Vine prototypes. Click the sound logo on the top right when you’re ready to watch one. And if you haven’t already, make sure to join Vine and follow BlogDailyHerald for more informative updates down the road.

It seems like a lot of students are “Vining” these days…

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The Anti-Slump: The Social Network Detox

anti-slumpThis semester, I told myself I would go out of my way to make new friends and find a housing group get to know the community better. Sure, my Facebook indicates I have over 100 friends that attend Brown, but how many do I actually hang out with on even a semi-regular basis? As a self-proclaimed social networking guru, I would spend endless hours gazing at photos of all the people I knew at Brown and tell myself that I should really consider hanging out with them more. The problem was that I wasn’t sure how to.

Enter Lent: a time of giving up something for six weeks until the day before Easter. The purpose of Lent is to prepare for the Easter season, but I decided to expand upon that and make it a starting point for establishing a more personal, more active social life. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the best deadline idea, but regardless, I figured I’d at least have made an effort to get to know more people by then. On February 13, I went against my procrastinating lifestyle and decided to cut myself off from Facebook and Twitter.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not total social suicide to leave the social networking world. I mean, I’m still allowing myself to stay on Tumblr and Instagram. But I told myself it would be more rewarding to see people in person rather than on my computer. As of now, I’ve been off of Twitter and Facebook for a month, and I feel as though I’ve definitely made an improvement! Thus, I’ve made a list of benefits of doing the Facebook/Twitter detox with personal anecdotes to help motivate you to do the same. Check it out after the jump.

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@BrownUAdmission accidentally linked to employee’s private Facebook account

Everyone knows the internet is a scary place where it becomes frighteningly easy to do slightly awkward things, like when you “Like” a mupload of someone you’ve never spoken to (stupid Facebook for iPhone), or Reply All when you REALLY did not want to.

To accidentally link the @BrownUAdmission Twitter to your private Facebook account is kind-of on another level.


Yes, it seems that someone working for our Admissions office—hopefully in an attempt to link the Admissions Twitter with the Admissions Facebook page—somehow managed to send all his/her private status updates as tweets to Brown alumni, students, and whoever else follows @BrownUAdmission.

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Meet Catherine Gross ’13, the student who tweeted to win a trip to Vegas at Whisko

photo (8)

Last Wednesday’s Whisko was just any other Wednesday night rager at the bar on S. Water Street: drinks, dancing, townies, lots of leather, etc. The game-changer? An opportunity to tweet to win a trip to Vegas was thrown into the mix.

Enter Catherine Gross ’13, a Brown student with serendipitous good luck. She’s not a usual Whisko patron, but after spending the day in New York at some “really fun and not-at-all stressful job meetings,” which, in reality, were neither fun nor not-at-all stressful, her friend’s “Wishco tonight?!” inquiry was surely welcome. She originally had planned to spend the night in the city, but then the Vegas gods intervened—she decided to come back to the glorious PVD on a whim. “As I’m not a freshman girl, I don’t frequent the ‘Co, but something of the YOLO-variety took over and I grabbed the Acela back for what I thought would be a pretty standard night at the Whiskey Republic: dancing and late-night Spicy Withs.”

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BREAKING NEWS: Kate Middleton Preggers!

We’re expecting a royal baby!!

Uh… Kate Middleton and Wills are, that is.

The news of The Great Royal Knocking-Up broke this morning after Kate Middleton was admitted to the hospital for acute morning sickness. Non-royals are usually just advised to eat saltine crackers for that, but what do I know?

Brits (and the rest of the world) are extremely excited because, boy or girl, the fetus residing in Kate’s Dior-clad uterus will be the heir to the British throne. Little Prince or Princess Embryo will continue to the great royal tradition of doing absolutely… nothing, but looking fabulous while doing so.

Celebrities (and a bunch of people we don’t know) took to Twitter to celebrate:

Kim Kardashian's twitter reaction

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The 12 Apps of Spring Weekend: Preparations

So right now, you use your phone for texting and calling, checking up on friends every so often, and doodling random words when you’re bored in class. What about listening to music, following the news, or all those other uses that phone companies cite in their advertisements? Isn’t it about time you get the most out of Siri and all her magic? Although it may not seem like it, Spring Week is actually the perfect time to bring your phone up to its fullest potential, because you’ll actually be using it more than you think.

First off, you’ll want to know instantly when the Spring Weekend artists drop their newest tracks, make reference to their upcoming visit, or announce where they’ll be DJing the afterparty. With the now ubiquitous Twitter (Apple / Android / Blackberry / Windows), you get all of these and much, much more. Virtually everyone has an account these days, and by starring your favorite accounts, you can receive notifications/alerts when a new tweet comes out. And although the BCA has already tweeted what we wanted to know, they’ll likely be posting updates on the concert days for delays more detailed time schedules.

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