Alums who do cool things: Nina Jacobson ’87

The odds are in your favor, Nina Jacobson '87.

The first installment of The Hunger Games trilogy premiered last night in LA. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the movie franchise is kind of a big deal. Here’s an even more exciting tidbit of information: one of the film’s producers was a Brown semiotics concentrator! Nina Jacobson ’87 was recently interviewed by Brown Alumni Mag, and the publication tweeted the article earlier today in honor of yesterday’s premiere. Alas, there was no College Hill pre-screening (that we know of…), so you’ll have to wait until March 23rd to don your Team Peeta/Team Gale shirts.

Pre-Valentine special at the Blue Room today!

Today, the Blue Room will be having a special involving ice cream. To keep things mysterious, the food spot has been leaking details via twitter.

They’re also copping our tagline, Making Mondays Better™ (c/o Tim Natividad). ANYWAY, there’s only one way to find out what it is…

See ya there. Image via.

Holiday ice cream sundaes at the Blue Room

The Blue Room dished up some awesome ice cream sundaes today after advertising for it all week via Twitter (we retweeted their Tuesday tweet!) and in this morning’s Morning Mail (yes, Morning Mail has useful things after all!).

Who knows what other finals surprises may pop up….

SafeRIDE gets tech-savvy

If you haven’t noticed the signs announcing SafeRIDE text updates proudly hanging at each SafeRIDE stop, you’re behind on SafeRIDE’s exciting new user-friendly features. Starting with a new texting service installed in August that lets you know the ETA of the next shuttle according to your location, SafeRIDE  is in the process of improving services to students after a review by the Transportation Office.

What began with texting continued with “a new online real-time shuttle tracking system powered by Ride System servicing both Brown Med/Downcity (daytime) and the Brown Campus Shuttle (evening),” available both online and on your phone. You know what that means— there’s literally an app for SafeRIDE. But wait, there’s more. SafeRIDE will now tweet updates about their shuttle locations and other cool new additions.

And for those of you that use the SafeRIDE On Call service, you can now request a ride online. Snaps to SafeRIDE for keeping up with the Internet generation.

#TrendThis: Brown Alumni #Swag

It’s Friday. And not just any Friday — it’s Fall Weekend Friday. For those of us staying in the jolly ol’ Ocean State, there’s not so much to do this weekend since half of the Brown community booked it onto the first MegaBus to New York. So why not make your way down to Providence Place and catch up on new movies?

Specifically, check out the new Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen dramedy (emphasis on the dra-) “50/50“. Why this film (considering that the new non-Twilight Taylor Lautner movie is out, too…)? Maybe because it’s directed by Brown alum Jonathan Levine ’00! Thanks, @BrownAlumniMag, for letting us know. (Yes, they tweet.) So get your iced coffee float at the Blue Room, and walk downtown! It’s beautiful out, so take advantage of the sun. Trust me, freshmen, it might not come back for a while…

The Netflix Files: September 20, 2011

If you still possess a Netflix account, yesterday you received a sad, sad email from CEO Reed Hastings. Mine began: “Dear Michael, I messed up. I owe you an apology.” The message proceeds to explain that Netflix had not anticipated such negative feedback to its recent change in price structure. It further informs the subscriber that DVDs will no longer be mailed under the Netflix name — now, mail service will operate through “Qwikster.”

The pricing hasn’t changed this time around (both services still cost the same as before, but now cannot be combined on credit card statements), yet the move certainly doesn’t help the company’s image. Especially since the Twitter name “Qwikster” is already taken, and by this guy:

The lovable, hungry-as-shyt Jason Castillo has received over 10,000 followers since Hastings announced the new name. Netflix has offered him $1k for his account, but Blockbuster is probably offering him more to keep it.

Last week we told you we’d keep writing about Netflix because it’s suddenly become an endearing underdog of sorts. This week, we’re gonna retcon all that and instead turn our attention to local, computer-free options for DVD rentals. Continue Reading