The eight types of question-askers in class


Asking questions in class is often terrifying. Anything could go wrong. You could choke on your own spit, accidentally make a comment sound sexual, or lose your voice midway through (damn you, cold weather!!). If you simply prefer to just watch and listen, you might notice that those who do ask fit into one or more of the following categories. Find out which ones after the jump!

For this post, I will assume the question-asker is a guy–pardon the heternormativity.

The Hypnotizer

perfect snog

This one is arguably everyone’s favorite student in class. He is most likely an international student with an accent that dazzles you. You’ll notice when he is talking because literally every student turns to look at him, nodding their heads in agreement but actually just daydreaming about him singing them a lullaby. Or “Wonderwall” (I can’t be the only one…). He could say, “Poopy pickle pants” and still be making a “valid point” because we just want to hear him keep talking.

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