Viva la Via Via

Our friends at Via Via IV are at it again. Wait, scratch that, I mean Blue Seafood. Just kidding, what I meant was Chicken on Fire. Okay, now I’m just confused…

The establishment’s newest reincarnation, Prince, bills itself as a “Mediterranean”-themed hookah lounge and café, a bold departure from its short-lived days as the impressively brazen Cosa Nostra restaurant. With our dear Via Via now on its 4th name in four years (if you count Blue Seafood and Chicken on Fire as two “real” separate businesses), this writer can’t help but feel nostalgic for the good ol’ days.

Long a target of the Brown University rumor mill, Via Via was once a staple of the College Hill eatery scene in the days before Mama Kim got her working papers and scientists at NASA figured out how to wrap mediocre pizza in a cone. With a reputation that far exceeded the actual quality of its food, Via Via became a thing of legend; an enigma bathed in an aura of intrigue and tomato sauce. Continue Reading