16th Annual Animation Show of Shows

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Last night, RISD Auditorium hosted the 16th Annual Animation Show of Shows, curated by Ron Diamond, founder of ACME Filmworks. It was awesome. That’s really the only word for it. And beautiful. And inspiring. And funny. And disturbing. Okay, there are lots of words to describe it, because each of the films was wildly different, both aesthetically and thematically. Here’s what you missed, with videos embedded where I could find them:


This was weird. It was the epic tale of a quaint French-Canadian village where a rocking chair brings a family enormous joy. The animation style resembled a dancing crayon illustration at a master-level (I clearly lack the vocabulary to talk about animation with any authority). Industrialization rears its ugly head and the chair is thrown away as the village becomes a city. It receives a second life as the chair of an art museum security guard. CRAC!, if your curious, is the sound of a tree falling before it becomes a chair.


Feast will appear before Disney’s new animated feature Big Hero 6. It is the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life. A little puppy who loves food is rescued by a man who also loves food. When the man gets a girlfriend, she forces him to eat healthier. The dog hates healthy food. But when the man and woman break up, the man becomes sad and unhealthy It’s then that the dog must decide if he should let his master be unhealthy so he can eat pizza, or if he should help him get the girl back and risk eating spinach.

Marilyn Myller

This is a surrealist, stop-motion short about a sculptor who plays God. It’s in black and white, but the lighting is unreal. The whole thing is impossible to stop looking at, and the end has a surprise twist that pokes fun at self-important artists.

Me and My Moulton

Oh my god, this might have been my favorite. I have never been so into the way animated trees look. It’s 2D and very simple but the humor is so on point. It’s about a Danish girl who wants her parents to be normal, but they are avant-garde and her dad is the only man in town with a mustache. It’s the epic quest to convince your parents to get you a bike. And it’s so good

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BlogDailyHerald Presents: Brunonia, Episode 2: The Tour

As Brown students, we know how those campus tour groups can impede us from running to CFF get in our way. But every once in a while, they just might be worth tagging along.

Here’s the second episode of BlogDailyHerald’s webseries Brunonia!

BlogDH Cribs: The Meat Mansion

For your finals week entertainment, BlogDailyHerald presents the second installment of the Brunonian take on MTV Cribs, where Chris (’14) and Rob (’14) give us the inside scoop on life inside the Meat Mansion. Welcome to the Crib.

Dave Binder has a new promo video and it’s amazing

Dave Binder, legendary Brown Spring Weekend performer and BlogDH superfan, has videotaped one of his most recent performances in Florida—”an evening of great interpretations of great singer songwriters”—and put it on YouTube for the world to enjoy. The backdrop is no Wriston Quad, but the way he covers his usual favorites, such as Van Morrison, Jimmy Buffett, The Eagles, and James Taylor, among others, is completely familiar. If he’s selling paradise, the combination of palm trees, acoustic guitar, and “Margaritaville” sure do the trick. But we also think taping and sharing a Sunday Binder Spring Weekend performance would have equally done the job, too—nothing screams paradise like sunshine, song, and dance on Wriston Quad.

Chow Down Brown: Cooking with Connie Wu ‘12.5 and Annie Wu ‘12.5 of ‘Ratty Gourmet’ fame

Have you ever gone to the Ratty incredibly hungry, only to find that there seems to be nothing to eat at all? Do you walk through those heavy doors ready to put your gastronomical skills to the test, but leave uninspired and unsatisfied? Enter Connie Wu ‘12.5 and Annie Wu ‘12.5, the twins who have elevated your Ratty experience from one of whining to one of fine dining.

Connie and Annie have incredible vision, creativity, and culinary skills; they’re the masterminds behind Ratty Gourmet, a comprehensive blog that catalogues their various Ratty creations with accompanying photographs and recipes. Needless to say, these two have most definitely changed the Ratty game for hundreds of Brown students.

Let these two master chefs walk you through the steps to whip up this Ratty delicacy and teach you the tricks of their trade. Cajun Chicken Broccoli Pasta is on today’s menu. Watch, learn, and become inspired to culinary action.

BlogDH Cribs: Jack Usher ’15 (and friends)

After a day of filming and two months of editing/discussing the idea of editing, we are proud to present the first installation of BlogDailyHerald’s take on MTV Cribs. Experience life inside the suite of Jack Usher (’15), Noah Fradin (’15), Danny Sobor (’15), Alex Eve (’15), Connor McGuigan (’15), and Alexander Kaplan (’15ish) (not pictured) in all its glory. Welcome to the Crib.