Get your 20 seconds of fame in Brown 250+ & Me


Have you ever wanted to star in your own video? Do you love Brown? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should participate in Brown’s first ever crowdsourced video compilation project called Brown 250+ & Me! As part of Brown’s 250th Anniversary Opening Celebration, Brunonians around the world have been invited to make a 10-20 second video to be included in a video that will premiere March 7, 2014.

Here’s what you need to do to get involved:

  1. Choose a way of making the video. Vine, Instagram, your webcam are all acceptable forms of recording.
  2. Set the stage. Wear Brown swag, grab some friends, or smile big. Whatever you do, be creative.  Make sure to avoid excessive background noise and shakiness of the camera.
  3. Figure out what to say. You should mention your name, class year, and current location. After that, you can say pretty much whatever you want! If nothing else, shouting “In Deo Speramus” wouldn’t be a bad idea.
  4. Submit the video. You can either email the file to or upload on whichever platform you choose using #Brown250.
  5. Rejoice. You now have 10-20 seconds of fame that is available for viewing pleasure for forever starting March 7, 2014.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email

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Leighton Meester helps you with your roommate troubles

We’ve all had experiences with roommates, and inevitably, with roommate problems. Some problems are extreme, like the roommate who never leaves the room except to get takeout from the ratty, or the one who sexiles you nearly every night. But there are also people who have what some might call smaller issues with their roommates. These problems might generally be thought of as petty, like getting annoyed when your roommate messes up your rug and doesn’t fix it or borrows your stuff without asking. Generally, these “smaller” issues concern, essentially, your roommate touching, messing up, or using your stuff.

In this hilarious video from College Humor, Leighton Meester addresses just that. The video is in the style of a PSA, Meester is great in it, and whether or not you actually get annoyed when your roommate, it’s really funny.

And hey, if you do have a roommate who “touches your shit” all the time and it pisses you off, casually email this video to them–subtlety is key after all.

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What the what?!, Mother’s Day edition

It’s Mother’s Day, so don’t forget to do something nice for your mom! If you forgot to send a card or gift, at least give her a call.

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What were they thinking?

But don’t send her a link to Clorox’s preposterously sexist idea of motherhood. Thanks, mom. Now get back to cleaning the kitchen. And make me a sandwich!!

In the meantime, enjoy some television depictions of motherhood: Lucy Ricardo being tortured by her son in I Love Lucy, Samantha Stephens keeping her daughter’s witchcraft in check in Bewitched, a gaggle of adults complaining about their moms on 30 Rock, Lucille Bluth being cruel and creepy as usual in Arrested Development, Nancy Botwin freaking out in Weeds, and Betty Draper exacting some justice in Mad Men.

Comment with clips of your favorite TV moms!