‘Vine’ at Brown: Details on the campus craze

Vine, a social media app launched by Twitter last January, is causing quite the stir on campus. The premise is simple. Your homepage is a feed of your friends’ looping six-second videos. To make your own, you just touch your finger to the screen in the video interface to record.

Some users take its often-used descriptor to heart and treat the app as an “Instagram for videos.” Brown students don’t fall into this category. From documenting pranks at the Blue Room to crafting elaborate scenes amongst friends, they have taken the craft of Vining to awe-inspiring and laugh-inducing levels. Every day the creative community of Brown Viners grows larger and stronger–so we thought we’d hop abroad the Vine train.

We recently dispatched two of our most available capable “journalists”  to get the scoop on the growing trend–and document their results on Vine. Their educational Vines are posted below, among which are student takes on the app and depictions of Brown’s most-common Vine prototypes. Click the sound logo on the top right when you’re ready to watch one. And if you haven’t already, make sure to join Vine and follow BlogDailyHerald for more informative updates down the road.

It seems like a lot of students are “Vining” these days…

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