12 Days of Flogmas, Day Six: Crossing Waterman



If I could avoid Waterman Street—potentially the most difficult thing to cross since the Red Sea—I would. But alas, it is smack dab in the center of campus. So, I, like most Brown students, encounter it every day.

What makes crossing Waterman so unpleasant is not the fact that it is a main artery (or at least as main as any street in Providence can be). I have eyes and ears. I can cross the street.

There are two main reasons why the Waterman crossing experience sucks. Firstly, at the corner of Waterman and Thayer, the Walk/Don’t Walk sign never ever displays the “walk” signal. When I say “never ever,” I’m not using it idiomatically. I have actually never seen that beautiful fluorescent man purposefully walking to his destination. Instead, I am greeted every time by that obnoxious red hand.

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