BlogDailyHerald Presents: Brunonia, Episode 4, The Section

Readings are a social construct.

Here’s the fourth episode of BlogDailyHerald’s webseries Brunonia.

BlogDailyHerald Presents: Brunonia’s first episode, “Orientation”

Celebrating Orientation in all of its confused and awkward glory, the first episode of Brunonia, our spin-off of Carrie Brownstein’s and Fred Armisen’s Portlandia, is a must watch.  Remember Freshmen Orientation? Remember being confused 99.99% of the time? So do we.

Freshman, we feel you.

BlogDH Presents: Brunonia


We go to a pretty amazing and interesting school, don’t we? Thinking about Brown in the same way Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein think about Portland, BlogDH is producing Brunonia, a webseries that holds a mirror up to College Hill to have a laugh about the place we call home. Check back tomorrow night to see the first episode of Brunonia right here on Blog!

Alums who do cool things: Nick White ’10, Lauren Neal ’11, and ‘Spicy Wit’

Brown has made it to the big screen…well, kind of. Recent Brown graduates Nick White ’10 and Lauren Neal ’11 are the creators and producers of a new web series appropriately titled “Spicy Wit.” In addition to producing the show, Neal also writes and directs it, so she’s kind of a big deal.

“Spicy Wit” is a satire mockumentary that intends to raise questions pertaining to social justice and racial issues in an accessible yet absolutely absurd way. The creators wanted to cross as many moral lines as they could while making the series, and they succeeded: When you watch the pilot episode, “Hate,” you’ll find yourself laughing, and then you’ll find yourself cringing at the fact that you were laughing in the first place. Every possible offensive stereotype is included in this one episode alone. Continue Reading