Frosh-cessities: Not knowing how to say goodbye


Leaving college for the first time is weird.  There’s not a campus-wide End of the Year Assembly or a shared rejoicing in the hallways. You probably won’t run into your classmates in your neighborhood come June, either. Well, maybe you will, considering half of this campus is from “just outside of Boston,” New York City, or Southern California (51st thing I learned freshman year?).

As the rest of your due dates and exams begin to approach, you find it hard to keep track of the days and times when your friends are leaving, when their parents are taking you to brunch, and when you’ll see them next. It’s a weird feeling, especially after spending months hanging out, going out, and studying together. These are things we’ve all just gotten used to. Continue Reading

Time-waster of the day: December 6, 2012

You know, we Jews get a little jealous sometimes. The combination of 25 days of Christmas, no menorah holiday candelabra in the State House, no aunts giving us ugly Christmas sweaters can wear on you. With respect to the latter, Jews need not fret anymore. BuzzFeed (obviously) has compiled a list of ugly Hanukkah sweaters! Ask your bubbe for one by tomorrow night.

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