What the what?!, Mother’s Day edition

It’s Mother’s Day, so don’t forget to do something nice for your mom! If you forgot to send a card or gift, at least give her a call.

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What were they thinking?

But don’t send her a link to Clorox’s preposterously sexist idea of motherhood. Thanks, mom. Now get back to cleaning the kitchen. And make me a sandwich!!

In the meantime, enjoy some television depictions of motherhood: Lucy Ricardo being tortured by her son in I Love Lucy, Samantha Stephens keeping her daughter’s witchcraft in check in Bewitched, a gaggle of adults complaining about their moms on 30 Rock, Lucille Bluth being cruel and creepy as usual in Arrested Development, Nancy Botwin freaking out in Weeds, and Betty Draper exacting some justice in Mad Men.

Comment with clips of your favorite TV moms!