What’s brewing: a cloud of confusion

Although our weather forecasts are somewhat irrelevant now that BCA has announced that both concerts will be held inside, we’re going to do at least one more update to address the confusion many students are feeling about the decision. Continue Reading

What’s brewing: not rain!

Hey everyone. We’re back with your Spring Week weather report, and this time we have some excellent news! All of your anti-rain dances have really been paying off. Saturday’s forecast has changed from yesterday’s 50% chance of rain to cloudy with only a 10% chance of rain!!! Follow the jump for analysis.  Continue Reading

What’s brewing: A mixed bag

Here we are, with your new Spring Week forecast. The weather flip-flopped a lot over the weekend, but the outlook for Saturday now seems fairly settled on rain. Let’s focus for a minute on the positives. Although the next two days are rainy and gross (giving our young pre-frosh friends a genuine look at the realities of Brown), Thursday and Friday look bee-utiful. This should make for an excellent SPEC Carnival and a Friday concert that looks like it can be held on the Main Green. Continue Reading

What’s brewing: your Spring Weekend weather speculation service

We all know what an important factor weather can be in the celebration of Spring Weekend. And just in case you don’t follow weather forecasts quite so obsessively, we will keep you informed of what the great weather gods have in store for us.  Follow the link to see a preliminary look at what’s in store for us.  Continue Reading