Your ideal Spring Weekend lineup, in poster form

The Brown Concert Agency is pretty much the closest thing we have to a secret society (considering we’re not sure Pacifica House counts). We truly appreciate the awesomeness they make possible, but they tend to keep their internal affairs close to the chest. Kind of like Brown’s own Skull and Bones, with more skinny jeans and less historical racism.

A couple of months ago, the BCA conducted a couple of polls — one via Facebook and one via UCS — that solicited student suggestions for Spring Weekend 2012 performers. Naturally, the BCA kept the results of these polls private. Considering our intense love affair with Spring Weekend, this was a bit of a disappointment. So we conducted a full-scale investigative report (i.e. one email to the head of the BCA—thanks!) to get you the poll results you deserve to see. Then we arranged them according to their poll popularity on a familiar poster  because we’re cruel, cruel people.

Check out which artists Brunonia voted for  (alongside our favorite unique suggestions), as well as commentary, after the jump: Continue Reading