Summary: Sexual Assault “Community Notification”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn January 19th, Campus Life sent an email to all Brown students detailing the situations in the fall of 2014 that resulted in two campus fraternities’ suspensions. The email went on to discuss procedural changes on campus as a result of these incidents. The email is very long, and a bit confusing. Here is the backbone of it:

First, the paragraph that affects almost everyone.


Both the term “alcoholic service” and “residential area” are loosely defined. One RPL in Wayland commented that their the job description still does not include busting parties like DPS. However, there is notable confusion as to whether “residential areas” are confined to on-campus, and whether alcohol services translates to selling alcohol, or to serving it as the host of a small gathering.

Brown insists that these changes are in the effort to make campus safer, and “change the status quo” that allows for parties that seem to foster sexual assault and misconduct.

Second, the incidents that led up to this:

  • Phi Psi threw an unregistered party in October where “two students reported receiving an alcoholic drink that contained a date rape drug.” One of the students went on to report non-consensual sexual contact off site later that night (and not from a member of Phi Psi). The student attributed it to the drugging. Continue Reading

Thursday on Wriston: Harlem Shake meets Brown

The semester has been underway for a couple weeks now, shopping period has come and gone, and you’re probably deciding on which classes to take S/NC. Pretty soon midterms will start (if they haven’t already) and it’ll seem like there’s little time left to relax. In the midst of this, sometimes the stress can feel overwhelming. As a result, sometimes ya just gotta shake it out. Introducing the Harlem Shake: Brown Edition, our very own chance to be famous on YouTube relieve stress and make an epic video.

You might ask, “What is the Harlem Shake?” For those who are less familiar, I think it’s best to show and not tell:

1) Harlem Shake (Army Style). What else does the Norwegian Army have to do?

2) Harlem Shake (Portuguese TV Show). Getting weird.

3) Harlem Shake (Firefighters). I’m changing my future profession.

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How Not to be a Freshman: The one with the Facebook party

Last weekend, as I was perusing Facebook, I came across an invitation for yet another Brown party.  To my delight, this party featured three of my favorite things: Tom Cruise, costumes, and boys dressing up, in costume, like Tom Cruise.  Sign me up, I thought, and I quickly pressed “Join Event.”

Over the course of the week, my friend and I constructed the perfect outfits for this party.  We became regulars at the Army/Navy Store, and I spent $60 in Urban Outfitters on a pair of new jeans.  Ridiculous?  Definitely. But you didn’t see my butt: By the time Saturday night had arrived, we had created the ultimate Top Gun personas. We had straightened our hair, applied our makeup, and perfectly placed our new aviators atop our heads. She was Maverick and I was Goose, and we were ready to take flight into “the target-rich” environment of memorable frat parties, our dog-tag necklaces hanging loosely around our necks. Our mission was to look like sex; mission was accomplished.

We finally made our way to Wriston and, much to our chagrin, there was a small—but still large enough to be frustrating—crowd standing outside of the frat.  I was close enough to see the frat bros standing nonchalantly on their porch, decked out in pilot jumpsuits, hair gelled to perfection. My one friend took to using her body in an attempt to get in, but her boobs did nothing to entrance the stoic pilot at the door. Even my tried-and-true “shy and approachable” glance wasn’t working. So, my friends and I were left to wait outside amongst a sea of leather jackets, tipsiness slowly turning into sobriety.

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There is a COW on Wriston!

Holy cow! — Thea Aguiar / BlogDailyHerald

There is literally a cow on Wriston right now. Why, you ask? To promote Rhody Fresh Milk at the Wriston Farmer’s Market. And, of course, for students to pet and gawk at. She’s beautiful and sweet, and surprisingly not freaked out by all the extremely excited college students petting her and snapping pictures.

Dahlia, eight years old, has a lot of admirers. — Anne Simons / BlogDailyHerald

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The Wriston Farmers’ Market is back in action!

The wonderful, one and only, Wriston Farmers’ Market is back in full swing. While the Farmers’ Market is being held on Wriston every Wednesday, you may be tempted as you head to the Ratty or the Ivy Room to instead eat some local food from the Farmers’ Market–and it wouldn’t be a bad choice! Enjoy this lovely event while the warm weather and fresh food last.