WTF is happening in the Ratty? Coke happiness

Not that you couldn't already get free Coke or anything ...

Need mixers for the weekend? Wanna use the world’s most preposterously large vending machine?

There’s a vending machine in the Ratty as part of the Coke Happiness Project, where you can get a free bottle of C&C. It’s simple: go up to the machine, hit a button, and a black gloved hand will pop out and hand you your beverage. Very Guillermo Del Toro.

UPDATE: The machine dispenses more than just coke. Reports are coming in of bottle openers, iPods, and mini-fridges. Could we get one of these permanently?

Our Pic(k)s: The week of “Shit Brown Students Say”

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WTF is happening in front of Granoff?

The large horn chilling in front of Darth Vader’s mini blinds actually makes noise, as shown by this random dude blowing into it. Wouldn’t it be great if someone stole this? And then the owner put up tons of posters around campus that said “Have you seen my 20-ft brown horn around campus? It was a gift for a friend! Reward: Visiting rights whenever you want, plus an extra $200 if you bring my fucking horn back”?