Study break of the week: ‘Burning Love’


Midterms are here and despite the misleading name, they are here to stay. For some less dedicated obsessive TV watchers, this means forgoing this week’s episode of “Homeland” in favor of not failing chemistry and, by extension, life. Indeed, wasting an entire hour of valuable study time to watch TV may be irresponsible, but so is trying to work for 9 hours straight. Let’s be honest, what that “9 hour study day” really looks like is 4 hours spent absent mindedly staring at a textbook, 3 hours Facebook stalking your dad multitude of friends, and maybe 2 hours of actual productivity. Short study breaks are not only desirable, but necessary for preserving sanity as well as focus. But what can you do in this limited amount of time? Homeland is too long… One Buzzfeed article inevitably leads to 5 Buzzfeed articles.

Our study break of the week? We suggest ‘Burning Love,’ a fantastic (and short!) web series In only two seasons, its cast included names like Jennifer Aniston, Michael Cera, Adam Brody, and Kristen Bell. Created by Ben Stiller, this Yahoo series blatantly mocks romantic reality shows like ‘The Bachelor/The Bachelorette.’ Each episode is no more than 20 minutes long and is jam-packed with the subtle, yet hilarious humor that sitcoms today only hope to achieve.  It is a common misconception that web series are not as high quality a form of entertainment as prime time television. This is not only inaccurate, but also is consistently allowing some of the best shows to fly unfortunately below the radar.

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