State of the City: Yea or nay?

I know the weather’s looking B-E-A-U-tiful this morning, but nay! to I just can’t get over the fact that you’re advertising a social site for people to talk about the weather?

Nay! for unemployment. Today, WPRI reported that if not for Sacremento, CA, Providence would be the only city in America to have job losses this year. Rhode Island currently has the second highest unemployment in the nation, standing at 11%.

Yea! for truth in the form of PolitiFact, which has repeatedly corrected presidential contender Mitt Romney’s claim that 92 percent of jobs lost in the last three years belonged to women. Romney visited the Ocean State and boasted this statistic on Wednesday.

State of the City: Yea or nay?

   Yea! for creative Sen. Herald Metts, who wants to pull funding from state casino revenue into the public school system. Who knew gambling and education could go hand in hand?

   Yea! for the rumblings of Occupy Wall Street‘s spring awakening. This reporter is interested to see what revival looks like for Providence (and Portsmouth).


Nay! to Fitch Ratings, for downgrading Providence’s bond rating.  Aw, come on guys, why‘d you have to go do that?


State of the City: Yea or nay?

Yea! for local anonymous Powerball winner in Smithfield. For a state so unlucky with current finances, this second winner in a month is incredible. Will that 2.6 million in tax revenue help the deficit?

Nay! for city administrators who recently stumbled upon a box of uncashed checks, to the sum of $334,000. What was that doing just lying around?

State of the City: Yea or nay?

Yea! for Occupy Joe Biden. The Herald is still upset we couldn’t get press passes.

Yea! for Governor Chafee’s appointment to Obama’s re-election campaign. With him and Eva Longoria, how can he lose?

Yea! for the news that Providence will host X Factor auditions this spring. Get your sing on.

It’s been a good week, Providence.