Approval Matrix: #SeniorYear Edition

Senior Matrix

Class of 2015, this is our year.

In a few months, we’ll be saying goodbye to Brown, and saying hello to whatever the hell is coming next. Can you sense my anxiety? Good.

If the speed at which the past three years flew by is any indication, the proceeding months will go by even faster. Senior year is a hodgepodge of emotions (excitement, anxiety, nostalgia), planning (jobs, grad school, someone please tell me), and making the most of our time left (Senior Nights, Senior Bucket List, the GCB). Here you’ll find an approval matrix for senior year activities of all sorts.

Strive for the commendable and exciting adventures, or hit all of the questionable and daunting activitiesyour senior year is in your hands. Good luck!

Image via Jokichi Matsubara ’18.

FlogDailyHerald: The most annoying trends of 2012

You know what really grinds my gears? End of the year lists. What were the top movies of 2012? Favorite songs? Best selling books? In the end, a lot this stuff didn’t really affect our lives that much. Sure, that middle-aged woman reading Fifty Shades of Grey on the subway that one time got a blast out of it, but did it really impact your life? (I really hope your answer is no.)

The year 2012 was chock full of trends. These were not just any trends, however. These trends have made us waste days of our time. They have made us hate humanity for creating them. Some have made us laugh. Some have made us cry out in frustration. All of them are at least somewhat regrettable. I present to you 2012’s most annoying trends:

  1. Y.O.L.O. Yes, you indeed do only live once. Glad you acknowledge it. Now shut the fuck up.
  2. Kony 2012. Where to begin? How about around 25 years ago when this whole thing actually started? Hitting a like button and buying Kony 2012 bracelets, or whatever people did, is not going to help. Good intentions, wrong avenue. Continue Reading