Students who do cool things: “You’re Totally Awesome” (+ BCA)

“You’re Totally Awesome” is a podcast featuring students from all over Brown University and finding out what makes them excited about college and life. These are people you have seen around in your classes, out at night, or maybe even on stage. Aaron Nam ’12, the creator and facilitator of “You’re Totally Awesome,” says there are “so many great people around that we all want to catch up with before we leave this beautiful ecosystem that is college” and uses this as an opportunity to spotlight them. Think of it as an amalgamation of our Students who do cool things and Last Call, but with video. You can find more YTA interviews at and on iTunes.

Aaron sat down with Gillian Brassil, head of the BCA, to talk shop, and this is what she said:


For more information, check out Gillian on  YTA’s website. We, of course, decided to stick around and interrogate Aaron about this awesome venture. Continue Reading